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We are an industry leader in stainless steel pulverizers. We’ve designed a 2 in 1 type micro pulverizer made of stainless steel that can grind both grains and spices in response to the needs of our consumers across the globe.
The following are a few distinguishing characteristics of our 2 in 1 SS pulverizers:
1) There is a separate hopper for grinding spices.
2) The machine includes all essential accessories, including a flour container, container ring, spice hopper, anti-vibration knobs, cleaning brush, and flour cloth.
3) This machine can grind nearly all dry grains and spices, including wheat, maize, millet, rice, chilli, and turmeric, among others.
4) The body of this machine is made of stainless steel, which provides superior resistance to stains compared to standard steel.
5) This machine’s robust cutter and beater contribute to its durability
With extensive research in every frame of process, order to deliverables, we aim to keep our pulverizer price as minimum as possible in the market.

Technical Details of Micro Pulverizer








1HP 1 SINGLE 36 24″ X 34″ X 12″ 8″ X 4″ 8 – 10
2HP 2 SINGLE 45 24″ X 34″ X 12″ 10″ X 4″ 12 – 15
3HP 3 SINGLE 51 25″ X 38″ X 13″ 10″ X 5″ 20 – 25
3HP – JUMBO 3 SINGLE 62 25″ X 43″ X 17″ 10″ X 6″ 25 – 30

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