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In every commercial kitchen, an electric atta kneader automates the laborious manual atta kneading process. As people experience a growing time crunch in their daily lives, it appears this is also true for home kitchens.

Automation with the atta kneading machine is the first step toward process acceleration in roti making, bread making, and other similar jobs. We produce a modular variety of atta machines that can meet the needs of both small and big commercial kitchens. Our machines’ cycle times are excessively short and the efficiency of machines is regarded as the industry standard.

With bowl sizes ranging from 2 kg to 50 kg, the following are guidelines for selecting the appropriate bowl size for your needs.

For domestic use by small to big families – 2 kg bowl size atta kneading machine for home

For small enterprises and culinary startups – 5 and 10 kg

For major enterprises (providing thousands of chapatis*) – 20, 30 and 40 kg

For extra-large enterprises (providing chapatis* in lakhs) – 50 kg bowl size commercial atta kneader 

Technical Details of Electric Atta Kneader







5 KG BOWL 0.5 SINGLE 55 26″ X 25″ X 15″ 1440 5 – 10
5 KG BOWL, V-BELT TYPE 0.5 SINGLE 46 26″ X 25″ X 15″ 1440 5 – 10
10 KG  BOWL 1 SINGLE 105 42″ X 37″ X 19″ 1440 10 – 12

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