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0.5 HP Papad Rolling Machine

Papad Rolling Machine
0.5 HP Papad Rolling Machine

Product Details

  • Product Name :- Papad Rolling Machine 0.5 HP
  • Model No :- PRM0P5
  • Machine Type :- Electric Papad Rolling Machine
  • Machine Size :- 27″ X 18″ X 30″
  • M/C Capacity :- 50 – 60 Kg/hr
  • Motor Type :- 0.5 HP/Single Phase/220 V
  • Unit Per Hour :- 0.375
  • Usage :- Home Or Business Or Commercial
  • Min Quantity :- 1PCs
  • Condition :- New
  • Automation :- Semi – Automatic
  • Brand :- Confider

Confider industries has developed papad rolling machine which is equipped with a motor-driven mechanism and adjustable rollers that flatten and shape the papad dough into thin, circular discs. It eliminates the need for manual rolling, saving time and effort in the production process.

One of the key returns of a papad rolling machine is its efficiency. One can roll out a large quantity of papads in a short span of time, significantly increasing productivity. This is particularly beneficial for commercial papad manufacturing units who require to meet high market demand.

Furthermore, the papad rolling machine offers versatility. It allows for easy adjustment of the roller gap, enabling users to roll papads of different thicknesses as per their preferences.