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You may produce any kind of oil at home using our Oil Making Machine. This is the machine for you if you own a small business, are a home cook, or simply wish to manufacture your own oil and butter. This equipment includes everything you need to begin creating your own oils and butters. It’s composed of basic stainless-steel material, so it’ll last for years—and it’s far less expensive than other alternatives.

All of the necessary accessories are also included in the bundle, so no further funds are required. The machine also includes a one-year warranty on its motors, which means that if anything goes wrong with the motor during that time, we will fix it. We can send this equipment directly from our production facility in Ahmedabad, so it will arrive at your door direct from manufacturing unit avoiding long expensive delivery channel! If you want to pay against delivery, we also have a cash on delivery (COD) option.

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Technical Details of Oil Mill For Home

400 WATT SINGLE 10 13″ X 6″ X 14″ NO 4-6
400 WATT SINGLE 10 13″ X 6″ X 14″ YES 4-6
600 WATT SINGLE 12 15″ X 6″ X 14″ NO 5-8
600 WATT SINGLE 12 15″ X 6″ X 14″ YES 5-8

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