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Whether it’s the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical sector, the petroleum industry, or the chemical and plastics sector, mixing is a crucial step in the production process.

After its initial production as a namkeen mixer, this machine’s ability to mix powders in the pharmaceutical sector and spices in the food business makes it useful in a wide variety of process industries. Due to the machine’s inexpensive initial investment and high rate of return on investment, it has become increasingly popular as mixer machinery in the plastics, textiles and almost all processing industries.

The drum of our mixing machines can range in diameter from 1.5 feet to 5 feet. This size drum is ideal for mixing tasks requiring 200 kg each cycle or stock. From the machine’s body material to its drum size and motor capacity to its power line requirement, we customize it all.

Technical Details of Namkeen Mixer Machine






0.5 HP SINGLE 60 9″ X 14″ X 18″ 10
1 HP SINGLE 90 12″ X 16″ X 27″ 20
2 HP SINGLE 120 14″ X 22″ X 27″ 50
3 HP SINGLE 210 22″ X 27″ X 42″ 100
5 HP SINGLE 270 30″ X 34″ X 58″ 200

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