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Looking for a way to kickstart your small business? Look no further than this all fruit juice machine. This box-style machine is made of standard stainless steel and would look excellent on any countertop in your restaurant or business. This machine can handle a variety of fruits. It’s also inexpensive! It’s ideal for any new business or home-based operation.

We have three models with capacities of 50 kg, 200 kg, and 400 kg/hr: This complete range can cover all kinds of customers from small vendors to large commercial units. Thanks to its ergonomic and aesthetic design, this machine is widely considered as a gifting option among users. In addition to this multipurpose juicer, we also manufacture fruit specific juice machine like mango juice machine for your exact need.

We also provide home delivery straight from our manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, so you can have this equipment delivered to your location. We also offer cash on delivery (COD) option to our customers!

Technical Details of All Fruit Juice Machine







1 HP 1 SINGLE 70 34″ X 19″ X 34″ 50 – 100
1.5 HP 1.5 SINGLE 95 43″ X 22″ X 39″ 200 – 250
2 HP 2 SINGLE 135 53″ X 26″ X 40″ 400 – 500

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