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1.5 HP Nylon Sev Machine

Nylon Sev Machine
1.5 HP Nylon Sev Machine

Product Details

  • Product Name :- 50 Kg/hr Nylon Sev Machine
  • Model No :- NSM1P5
  • Machine Type :- Machine For Making Nylon Sev
  • Machine Size :- 46″ X 13″ X 38″
  • M/C Capacity :- 40 – 50 Kg/hr
  • Motor Type :- 1.5 HP/ Single Phase/ 220 V
  • Unit Per Hour :- 1.125
  • Usage :- Commercial
  • Min Quantity :- 1PCs
  • Condition :- New
  • Automation :- Automatic
  • Brand :- Confider

We are manufacturing a nylon sev machine that automates production of sev, a popular Indian snack made from gram flour (besan). This machine is intended to automate the process of extruding extra thin strands of sev. Three main components of this machine are hopper, motor, and extrusion mechanism. Prepared dough need to place into hopper and on activation, it is extruded through small wire cut small openings on mold. Thus consistency, speed, and efficiency is being maintained in this automatic sev processing machine. With a nylon sev machine, snack manufacturers and enthusiasts can meet the demand for this popular savory treat, ensuring uniform quality and satisfying texture. It is an essential food equipment for those looking to create homemade snacks or run a successful snack production business. Along with this machine, we also manufacture namkeen machine for ganthiya and chakli.