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Confider Industries is a leading manufacturer of food equipment that specializes in producing high-quality machines for the food and beverage industry.

Our product range includes,

  1. Gravy Machines for making gravy, puree, sauce, chutney etc.
  2. Wet Grinders for grinding fully or partial wet food items
  3. Fruit Juicers for extracting juices from sugarcane, mango, and many more fruits
  4. Oil Expellers for extracting fresh oil from more than 24 main oil seeds
  5. Vegetable Processing Machines for cutting, slicing, chopping of vegetables, fruits, and dry fruits
  6. Dough Kneaders for kneading dough in daily kitchen reparation in home or restaurant kitchen
  7. Mixer Machines for domestic and commercial purpose fulfills the need during daily kitchen preparation
  8. Peeling Machines for potato, onion, garlic, and ginger

These machines are designed to meet the diverse needs of food processing businesses and make their operations more efficient.

Confider Industries uses the latest technology to produce machines that are reliable, easy to use, and offer excellent performance. For that, we put hard efforts on quality and innovation. Because of these all, Confider Industries has the right equipment for your needs whether you are a small-scale food processor or a large industrial food manufacturer. Along with food equipment, we have range of flour mills and pulverizers which are considered as the basic machines that every kitchen needs to have fresh and healthy flour at a time.

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