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0.25 HP Coconut Scraper Machine

Coconut Scraper Machine
0.25 HP Coconut Scraper Machine

Product Details

  • Product Name :- Coconut Scraper Machine 0.25HP
  • Model No :- CSM0P25
  • Machine Type :- Coconut Processing Machine
  • Machine Size :- 13″ X 11″ X 11″
  • M/C Capacity :- 80 – 120 Kg/hr
  • Motor Type :- 0.25 HP/ Single Phase/ 220 V
  • Unit Per Hour :- 0.2
  • Usage :- Commercial
  • Min Quantity :- 1PCs
  • Condition :- New
  • Automation :- Automatic
  • Brand :- Confider

Coconut scraping is the very time-consuming process. This process becomes easy, faster and effortless with this coconut scraper machine. This machine is based on simple function of conventional scraping of coconut. It consists of a back-side motor with a rotating blade that grates the coconut, separating the flesh from the shell. The grated coconut obtained from a scraper machine is perfect for use in a variety of recipes, such as curries, desserts, chutneys, and baked goods. Our machine is easy to operate and clean, making it ideal for both home and commercial use. Whether you’re a professional chef or a passionate home cook, a coconut scraper machine is a valuable addition to your kitchen arsenal.