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3 HP Masala Grinder Machine


Product Details

  • Product Name :- 3HP Masala Grinder Machine
  • Model No :- MGM3
  • Machine Type :- Heavy Duty Masala Grinder Machine
  • Machine Size :- 36″ X 16″ X 35″
  • M/C Capacity :- 30 – 40 Kg/hr
  • Motor Type :- 3 HP/ Single Phase/ 220 V
  • Unit Per Hour :- 2.250
  • Usage :- Commercial
  • Min Quantity :- 1PCs
  • Condition :- New
  • Automation :- Automatic
  • Brand :- Confider

Our all-in-one masala grinder machine is a one-stop shop for mid-level buyers who want to get everything they need.

1) To start a business from home, where there is only a small amount of space.
2) To start the business with a small amount of money so that it can make steady extra income before it grows.
3) To offer a wide range of spices and herbs instead of just one or two.
4) Cover the market first before taking any other long-term business steps.
5) To have machines that need less maintenance and less help from people.
6) To start a business that doesn’t require any technical skills and lets you choose when to work.

This is true as,

1) This machine is made with a simple concept of a mixer grinder.
2) This machine gives its users a great deal of satisfaction because it looks good, its top feed arrangement and is easy to use.
3) It can handle almost all dry spices and herbs, including dry turmeric, chilli, coriander, and leaves.
4) It works with the single-phase electricity that is in every home, so there is no need for a high-end three-phase power supply.
5) The low price of this machine helps this group of buyers a lot because most new businesses start up with little money.
6) This machine is getting more and more relevant in a competitive market because you can book it over the phone, pay for it when you get it, and get help with it at any time.
7) This machine has a mid-range capacity of about 30 kg/hr, which makes it great for a new business or for one that wants to grow in a few months.