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India is one of the world’s largest spice producers and exporters. The majority of spices produced in India are of high quality, and there is a high demand for them on the international market. In addition, practically all Indian meals are spice-rich in character. This results in an ever-expanding local spice market within India.

We have a rich experience in the spice processing machine sector, whether it is sorting, grinding, grading, or packing. We built our masala grinding machine to handle practically all dry spices such as chilli, turmeric, coriander, pepper, cumin, fennel seed, and so on. This machine can also be used to grind dried herbs. Confider Industries’ spice pulverizer is distinguished by its fine mesh size and high production capacity.

We mostly manufacture 2HP and 3HP pulverizers for home kitchens or small company owners. While 5HP, 7.5HP, and 10HP have been designed with medium-sized organizations in mind. Furthermore, 20HP and 30HP capacity plants are the most appropriate solution for major company units.

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Technical Details of Spice Pulverizer (Blower)

2 HP 2 SINGLE 105 28″ X 20″ X 36″ 4″ X 8″ 20
3 HP 3 SINGLE 120 33″ X 22″ X 36″ 5″ X 10″ 30
5 HP 5 THREE 190 38″ X 24″ X 37″ 6″ X 12″ 50
7.5 HP 7.5 THREE 210 44″ X 27″ X 38″ 6″ X 12″ 70
10 HP 10 THREE 240 49″ X 30″ X 40″ 8″ X 16″ 100
15 HP 15 THREE 280 59″ X 36″ X 43″ 10″ X 18″ 150
20 HP 20 THREE 350 68″ X 42″ X 46″ 14″ X 20″ 200

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