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Confider Industries’ success is dependent on machine customization. We always do our best to meet our clients’ needs. We designed this machine so that we may provide maximum customization to our customers all around the world.

Here are just a handful of the pulverizer’s most notable features:

1) If you already have a motor or know where to find one in your area, you can buy the machine without the motor.
2) Because the machine is suited for both single phase and three phase power lines, you do not need to be concerned about three phase power lines.
3) We include a pulley with the machine so you don’t have to figure it out if you’re handling the motor yourself.
4) A huge hopper is provided so that customer does not need to feed material continuously,
5) A tractor or generator can be used as the primary mover. In that case, an electric motor is not required to operate the machine.

Confider Industries

Technical Details of Customized Pulverizer

5 HP SINGLE STAGE 5 THREE 60 30″ X 37″ X 18″ 12″ X 6″ 35 – 45
5 HP DOUBLE STAGE 5 THREE 65 30″ X 37″ X 20″ 12″ X 6″ / 9″ X 3″ 45 – 55
5 HP DOUBLE STAGE STAGE WITH CYCLONE 5 THREE 95 30″ X 37″ X 20″ 12″ X 6″ / 9″ X 3″ 55 – 65
7.5 HP SINGLE STAGE 7.5 THREE 62 30″ X 37″ X 19″ 14″ X 7″ 40 – 50
7.5 HP DOUBLE STAGE 7.5 THREE 70 30″ X 40″ X 20″ 14″ X 7″ / 9″ X 3″ 70 – 80
7.5 HP DOUBLE STAGE WITH CYCLONE 7.5 THREE 120 30″ X 40″ X 20″ 14″ X 7″ / 9″ X 3″ 80 – 90

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Our rigorous approach towards client satisfaction and product quality is at the center of confider industries. Our enriched experience in Food Processing Machineries have shaped us to serve the whole spectrum of clients. The formidable team of professionals at confider industries has made it possible to undertake and deliver machineries and plants irrespective of the size, with extreme precision and measurement. We have established ourselves experts in the industry and we are committed to improve each day without fail.

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