Market is constantly converging when it comes to customer satisfaction, product update, radical
or incremental innovation, after sales and service, ROI etc. Companies are trading off between
multiple parameters to stay focused on quality deliverables. Balancing of cost and quality
demands significant product and market knowledge as well as vision for futuristic trends and
demands. Similar situation is being observed across all business sectors worldwide. MNCs are
functioning business unit wise to optimize the deliverable in each frame to fulfill customer
demand effectively.
Industry specific case study
Each and every industry is facing different challenges at local level while similar challenges at
global level. Size reduction industry in food processing sector is always under development as
powder from raw material of different size and shape is endless requirement. India is
undoubtedly the larger contributor of food processing machineries. Export of food processing
machines are increasing linear to exponential way.
Size Reduction Industry
Conversion of large solid unit masses – vegetables or grains into small unit masses, coarse
particles or fine particles comes under size reduction process. Size reduction is usually exercised
in food industries. In a bigger picture, size reduction process is also referred to as Grinding.
Grinding of food material is exercised by various type of mills. In that hammer mill, jet mill, ball
mill, pin mill or air classifying mills are the options available in the market. All mills have been
classified according to the function it can perform, raw material it can handle.
Properties of raw material in food industry
Raw material in food industry possesses various properties. According to that, it can be handled
with appropriate mill. Different types of raw material are as below,
1. Cohesive and sticky products: These materials built up on mill internals causes medium
to high pressure drop across the mill.
2. Low melt point materials: These materials require air or water circulation for cool
3. Hydroscopic materials: These materials absorb moisture well. Thus, demands
dehumidified air circulation.
4. Hard material: These materials tend to wear components of mill. Frequent maintenance
is required than in case of comparatively soft material.
5. High-aspect-ratio materials: Special purpose mill need to be designed according to
particular size reduction technique adopted.
6. Hazardous, toxic or potentially explosive materials: Special system design need to be implemented to handle such sensitive materials.

Machines/ Equipmentsfor grain and spice grinding for home use, business startups, commercial purpose

Ahmedabad based Confider Industries is the front runner in the development of such mills for grinding of food material whether it is dry, semi wet or fully wet raw material. Particularly, for dry grinding of material, 2 in 1 Grain and Spice Pulverizers manufactured by Confider Industries are unique in many ways.
Confider Industries manufactures 2 in 1 pulverizer in stainless steel as well as mild steel body.
Both the pulverizers are advance version over conventional flour mill/ atta chakki.

Key differentiators of Confider Industries’ 2 in 1 pulverizers.

High production capacity creating attraction among users

2 HP 15-20 kg/hr
3 HP 25-30 kg/hr
5 HP 35-40 kg/hr

Vast range of machines for domestic as well as commercial customers across the globe

2 HP Home Use
3 HP Business Startups
5 HP Commercial Purpose

Low maintenance keeps customer satisfied after purchase

Conventional Atta chakki Latest Pulverizer
Maintenance Frequent Occasionally
Overhauling Frequent Occasionally

Value of money always in manufacturers’ mind


Conventional Atta chakki Latest Pulverizer
Cutting Mechanism Stone Type Stone Less
Machine Weight Heavy stones are there Efficient cutter-beater arrangement
Body Coverage Usually open body All side fully covered body
Transferability Tough Easy

Long lasting relationship between supplier-buyer through high class after sales service
After sales team of Confider Industries is always available and ready to support customers for smooth running of machine. “Once a buyer, always a customer” is after sales policy of Confider
“Low price – High return” based budget friendly pulverizers making customer ready to start their business at low cost
We always keep our pulverizer low cost to support our buyers to start their own business in the
field of grain or spice grinding. Our growth story starts with individual customer satisfaction.
Contact anytime to Confider Industries for your pulverizer need. We are always available on our
below co-ordinates.
Contact number: +91 990999 98977, +91 99099 64977
Write to company:
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